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Strategic Integration
Strategic Integration

The Executive's Guide for Merging Acquired Organizations

Strategies and tactics to help you fulfull the promise.

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The investments in acquisitions are filled with optimism, great expectations of synergies, and the fulfillment of broader dreams and visions.  They represent a major leap forward for most companies.  Making the acquisition live up to its promise, however, is not always an easy task.  Mixed messages, confused strategic directions, conflicting goals, cultural differences that create wide gaps, are just a few of the obstacles to executing on the dream.  This guidebook summarizes much of the best practice learnings in integrating an acquired organization.  It steps through each of the individual land mines - any one of which can derail success - and provides practical steps to avoid and/or repair the integration.  Even the most experienced M&A Integration leader will find clarity and tools that they can use.  In short, this guidebook will help you fulfill the promise of the acquisiton, accelerate your results and optimize your intentions.

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