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Strategic Relationship with Renowned Sales Acceleration organization

December 15, 2005 --

AcquisitionWorks, Inc is pleased to announce it’s formation of a strategic relationship with Darst & Associates.  Since 1985, Darst & Associates has provided sales guidance, sales acceleration programs, and sales improvement programs for clients on a world-wide basis.

When an acquisition occurs, companies often have a need to accelerate the normal pace of their sales training efforts in order to maximize the potential cross selling opportunities brought about by the merger of the two organizations.  Darst Associates provides peak performance capability to a number of global clients who have expanded through acquisition over the years.  Michael Darst, President of Darst & Associates commented on the relationship, saying “Combining our capabilities with those of AcquisitionWorks just made a lot of sense to us.  While they look at the total integration strategy we bring specific key competencies to accelerate the sales and revenue efforts that were intended when the acquisition was completed.”

We sought out the services of Darst & Associates in order to meet specific needs that our clients had.  As one client put it, “We have discovered that our corporate groups can generate programs a lot faster than our field organization can absorb it.  And with our recent acquisitions there are a number of programs we see high potential in.”

More information about Darst & Associates and its services can be found on their website at

New Book Chapter
 by Jonathan Lane
January 2005 -- Dr. Anthony Buono, an AcquisitionWorks Affiliate, contributes a chapter to The Contemporary Consultant (L. Greiner & F Poulfelt, Thompson/South-Western, 2005) entitled “Consulting to Integrate Mergers and Acquisitions.”   

For a copy of the chapter, click here.
To order the book, click here.

Collaboration Agreement with Cambio International
December 2004 -- AcquisitionWorks and Cambio International entered into an agreement to collaborate on cross border cultural due diligence.  Cambio International is a consulting firm with a focus on intercultural and change management with a specific focus on the issues of cross-border partnerships, cultural diversity and growth.  For a copy of an article written by Cynthia Livingston on The Transcultural Organization, click here.  For more information about Cambio International, visit their website at
Mass High Tech Article
by Jonathan Lane
January 3, 2004 --   Jon's article on the three stages of acquisition integration projects.  To see a photocopy of the article as it appeared in MHT, click here.
Mass High Tech Article
by Dennis Fitzgerald
November 29, 2003 -- In this article, Dennis explains how honesty, patience, and communication all play a role in a successful acquisition integration project.  Click here for photocopy of article.
International Conference on Work Teams
University of Texas, Dallas
September 23, 2003 --   Jon Lane, together with Gayle Holland, Director of HE, EMC2 presented "Competitive Advantage: Teams, Time and Focus", the story of how the acquired Clariion division rose to become the fastest growing product line within EMC.  At the International Conference on Work Teams, University of Texas, Dallas.   
M&A Talk Radio
with Don Jacobs & Dennis Fitzgerald.
July 13, 2003 -- People in the Boston, MA region! ... Catch Don Jacobs and Dennis Fitzgerald as they appear on Straight Talk with Larry Stybel on Business Radio 1060 AM on Sunday, July 13th at 4:00PM in an hour-long program on Merger and Acquisition dynamics.
Dr. Buono speaks at the M&A Conference in Denmark Last month, Tony Buono presented "The Challenge of M&A Integration" at the International M&A Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Judging from the tremendous feedback we've been getting, he seems to have "hit the nail on the head".  If you happen to speak Danish, you can check out the Conference Brochure!


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