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We Are Merger and Acquisition Specialists

More than half of all mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve the objectives that were expected when the deal was done.  Loss of key employees, declining morale, slumping productivity, tactical indecisions, overly aggressive objectives, delayed plans or goals, that were not adjusted to the new reality of the parent company’s needs,  – all contribute to this failure rate.  Because of these challenges, the acquired company moves in slow motion and an effective integration seems to take forever, if at all.

According to a six year study by Business Week, 61 percent of buyers destroyed the shareholder wealth that existed prior to the acquisition (“Why Most Deals Don’t Work”, BW, October 14, 2002).  A year after the deals were done, the market capitalization of the combined “below average” companies ( the 61 percent) had dropped more than 25 percent than that of their industry peers.  While the overall average market capitalization of the total group was had fallen almost 10% below the S&P 500 average.

We'd like to help you improve those odds.

AcquisitionWorks is dedicated to improving this rate of effectiveness by providing structured processes that ensure the alignment and focus of the organization in delivering enhanced value to your customers.

Who We Are

AcquisitionWorks was organized specifically to improve the financial returns on acquired or merged companies.  We provide a unique combination of skills and processes that speed integration and transition, while at the same time improves morale, retains key employees and establishes key processes and linkages reflecting the new organizational reality.  Our team of consultants combines skills in: general management, acquisitions, employee relationship management, technology, marketing, and customer relationship management.  All of our staff has held senior executive positions with major corporations.  Our staff is diverse because the needs of each acquisition are diverse.   

What We Do

Because we believe that each acquisition is unique, with its own objectives, personalities, and nuances, we offer a range of proven processes and programs designed to accelerate the integration process.  These services may be contracted for as a whole or selected individually as your needs dictate.  Our expertise will help you assess, analyze, develop and execute strategies and programs to rapidly focus and align your acquisition.  We are orientated toward meeting your customer needs and achieving the competitive edge you sought when the acquisition was conceived.  Operationally responsible teams will quickly focus on the strategic issues important to leveraging the new acquisition and translate this focus into effective tactical plans and our Program Management offering can help keep your integration progress on track, measurable and reportable.

What We Don’t Do

We are not a financial services advisor, a broker or a deal maker – our emphasis is making your acquisition work to meet the needs of your stakeholders.  Our most important contribution often occurs after the deal is done, providing processes designed to speed the integration process (see "Why an Outside Consultant").  When your investment advisors, lawyers, and accountants have concluded their work, we will be there to provide expertise and experience in accelerating the returns you want to achieve.


What people are saying ...

“…this integration was largely successful as two years after the acquisition the group remained intact, had grown substantially and was providing vital technology and experience to Ericsson’s next generation networks. This was quite an achievement considering the volatility of this market sector.” 

Bob Buckley, General Manager
Data Access Product Unit,
LME Ericsson


Click here to download a two page summary of AcquisitionWorks (PDF format).


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” 

Charles Darwin

"I not only use all the brains that I have, I use all that I can borrow."

Woodrow Wilson



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